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Picking Up The Pieces

It’s no news to anyone that Ireland is struggling in the face of a global recession made worse by the bursting of a massive housing bubble. Our economy has been exposed for what it is – deficient in sustainable activity and employment. Why are we in such a vulnerable position? What must we do in the future to gain back, not just the confidence of the international business community, but also confidence in ourselves and our real skills and strengths? In Picking Up The Pieces, Jim Power seeks to identify the mistakes of the past as an essential step to rectifying them and approaching the future with new ideas. In particular, Ireland needs decisive, non-populist leadership with a vision for thelong-term economic welfare of Ireland. Vested interest groups must never again be allowed to exert undue influence on policy-making at the expense of the greater good.
Jim Power probes the questions that face us as a nation at this crucial time and, with realism and insight, offers ideas for how we can realise our potential as an economy and a society.
‘This authoritative book serves up the facts and figures in a jargon-free way, highlighting the shortcomings, extracting the lessons and illuminating the path to recovery in a concise and eminently readablemanner’
–MARK FIELDING, Chief Executive, ISME
‘This book is a must-read for all concerned about our current economic woes’
– IVAN YATES, presenter on Newstalk 106–108 FMand former Fine Gael TD